1 February 2024

Valentine’s Day With Edible Blooms

As Valentine’s Day blossoms, immerse yourself in a world of culinary romance with our specially curated selection of heart-warming edible blooms.

From vibrant edible flowers to delicious micro cress and aromatic herbs, our products are designed to add a touch of magic to your celebrations.


Picture a romantic dinner infused with the subtle fragrance of herbs, or a dessert adorned with pressed edible flowers for a visually stunning treat. In this blog, we’ll explore creative ways to incorporate these elements into your Valentine’s Day recipes, bringing a dash of love and sophistication to your culinary creations. Let your kitchen become the stage for a love story told through the language of food, where each bite is a declaration of love, and each dish is a masterpiece.

Amaranth Micro Cress Amaranth Micro Cress

Amaranth Micro Cress

Starting off strong, red amaranth micro cress has a super vibrant colour and a delicate flavour, which can add a romantic touch to your Valentine’s Day dishes. Here are some of the creative ways to use red amaranth micro cress for this special occasion.

Decorate Appetizers: Use red amaranth micro cress to elevate appetizers, such as bruschetta, canapés, or small bites. The vibrant red hues will create an elegant presentation, turning simple starters into eye-catching delights.

Cocktails: Float red amaranth micro cress on top of cocktails, whether it’s a romantic champagne cocktail or a fruity concoction. This cress will not only add a decorative element but also impart a subtle flavour as it mingles with the drink.

Heartfelt Breakfast: Arrange red amaranth micro cress in the shape of hearts on breakfast dishes, such as omelettes, scrambled eggs, or avocado toast. This simple yet thoughtful gesture will start the day on a love-filled note.

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Pressed Rose Petals Pressing Red Rose Petals

Rose Pressed Edible Flowers

 Pressed Edible Rose Petals have a mild flavour and perfume-like aroma. They are a deep red colour, which is perfect for the theme of the month. The scent and flavour of our rose petals is limited, with sweet undertones.

If you’re feeling like taking your date-night cheese board up a level this year, then why not arrange pressed rose petals on a board alongside various cheeses, fruits, and crackers. The visual appeal and subtle floral aroma will make for an elegant and romantic presentation.

Pressed rose petals can also be crushed and placed over salads for a unique and visually appealing garnish. Rose petals pair well with fresh greens & light vinaigrettes, adding a touch of floral elegance to your salad.

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Edible Flowers For Valentines

Edible Flower Selection Wheel

Elevate your romantic recipes with a burst of colour and flavour from this selection of edible flowers. Our Valentines Flower wheel contains a selection of our very best edible flowers that are available on the day. This usually includes captivating reds, angelic whites & charming pinks.

From decadent desserts to savoury delights, let the essence of these blooms transform your Valentine’s Day feast into a culinary masterpiece. The flowers in this selection can be finely chopped into softened butter along with herbs. The butter can then be shaped into a log, chilled, and then sliced to be used as a flavourful topping for bread or vegetables. This would complement a bread basket or a starter/main course. The flowers in this blend can either be utilized whole, or alternatively, their individual petals can be used independently. Sprinkle the flower petals atop soups, savoury appetizers, capapes, savoury tarts & salads.

On the other hand, why not try adding the edible flowers in this wheel into ice cubes?! This adds a simplistic yet beautiful touch to drinks for the special occasion.

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February Pressed Edible Flowers Pressed Edible Flower Mix

Pressed Edible Flowers For Valentine’s

Introducing our enchanting ‘Valentine’s mix’ – a limited edition pressed edible flower blend carefully curated in romantic hues, inspired by the colours of love. This versatile mix can be used to elevate your Valentine’s dishes, adding a touch of elegance to salads, desserts, and savoury creations.

Sprinkle these beautiful blossoms whole or delicately pluck their petals to infuse your culinary creations with a subtle floral nuance. This mix includes pressed paradise flowers, pressed rose petals, pressed bellis daisies, pressed bougainvillea, pressed oxford pink & pressed roses.

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Indulge in the botanical allure of our beautiful edible carnations, perfect for adding a touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day festivities. These delicate blooms, bursting with vibrant hues, aren’t just visually stunning – they’re a flavourful symphony waiting to be explored. Elevate your celebration by using them as enchanting garnishes on desserts, where their subtly sweet notes enhance every bite. Carnations have a slightly spicy flavour with hints of clove and nutmeg to its taste.

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Dried Rose Petals Dried Rose Petals

Dried Rose Petals

Our dried rose edible flower petals have a mild perfume flavour and a perfume-like aroma. We have these dried petals available in pink, red and mixed colours. Sprinkle rose petals over decadent desserts like cakes, cupcakes, or chocolate dipped strawberries for a visually stunning and aromatic touch.

Alternatively, try something new and infuse them into beverages, such as teas or cocktails, for a subtle floral essence. The versatility of our dried edible rose petals ensures that you can effortlessly infuse the spirit of love and romance into every aspect of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Edible Flowers Dianthus Edible Flowers


Elevate your Valentine’s Day culinary creations with the exquisite charm of dianthus edible flowers. Delicately vibrant and sweet, these blooms add a pop of colour to any romantic dinner. Their subtle yet distinctive peppery undertones add a unique flavour, which complements a range of foods, including sea food platters. Dianthus petals work well with the delicate flavours of seafood, such as adding them to shrimp or scallop ceviche.

Did you know that edible dianthus flowers can also be frozen into ice cubes to add a touch of sophistication to your dishes?!

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Rosemary is a fragrant and very pungent herb, with a bitter, astringent, pine-like taste. If you’re looking to impress someone special with your cookery skills, then here are some ideas on how to include this diverse herb into your meals.

Roasted Meats: Take your main course to the next level by adding rosemary into the roasting or marinating process. Rosemary pairs exceptionally well with lamb, chicken, or pork, providing a savoury and aromatic flavour.

Garnish: Use fresh rosemary sprigs as an attractive garnish for various dishes, from appetizers to desserts. It not only adds a visual appeal but also releases its aromatic essence as a delightful finishing touch.

Desserts: Surprise your loved ones with rosemary infused desserts. This fresh herb pairs surprisingly well with sweets like lemon or citrus-flavoured desserts, shortbread cookies, or even chocolate truffles.

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