13 February 2017

Valentines Edition of Daisy Picks

We bring you Valentines ‘Daisy Picks‘ where our Head of Customer Relations & Accounts will choose her favourite product and share with you all why she thinks it’s a must have in the kitchen and what she would pair it with.

Daisy is always up to date with all of our latest products here at Nurtured in Norfolk and here she tells you why her favourite product this week is our Valentines Edible Flower Selection Wheel.


“perfect colour scheme to tie all your dishes together and will transform a simple dish into something more thoughtful and special” 


Daisy went on to talk about a few of the flowers in the valentines wheel…


“We have an amaranth flower which is nutty and earthy for savoury dishes”

“For something more sweet, you could crystallise the violas and dianthus”



*Please be aware our Valentines Wheels are intended for their colour scheme. Produce may vary.*

A menu composed with these delicate plants makes a special Valentines night, adding rich, romantic colours with sweet and fresh flavours. Microgreens also offer an easy way to garnish and enhance simple dishes. Use your imagination this Valentines and bask in the joy of serving your loved one beautiful food.


Daisy’s Top Hacks…

  • Sprinkle some rose petals on your fizz for a bubbly beautiful valentines garnish.
  • Crystallise your dianthus and viola flowers for that extra sweet treat.
  • Decorate cupcakes with an individual rose to show your true romantic side this valentines.
  • Garnish your cheeseboard with the vibrant amaranth flowers for that show stopping final course.
  • Although edible, our valentines wheels are also great just as decoration. Sprinkle some apple blossom across your dinner table to set the mood with a sweet and tasty aroma.


Did you know…

All Micro Cress & edible flower varieties are rich in Vitamins A & C, iron and calcium.


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