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8 July 2022
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Celebrate Great British Pea Week – Yes Peas!

Great British Pea Week is here! – But who even knew Peas had their own week?! Well, whether you’re an avid fan of Great British Pea Week, or have just heard about it now, we think peas are definitely deserving of their own week!

Great British Pea Week runs from the 4th to the 10th July 2022 and is an annual celebration of peas! Great British Pea week was launched by the Yes Peas! campaign. It hopes to recognise the huge effort made by the pea vining sector. Although we grow more than just peas here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we thought our popular Tendril and Salad Pea Shoots deserved a little shout out this week!

So, we’ve got a little insight into the flavours of these tasty shoots, and how you can use them!

Have you tried adding our micro shoots to your dishes?

Growing Tendril Pea Shoots Growing Tendril Pea Shoots

When looking for something elegant and pretty to garnish a dish with, our pea shoots are often a go-to for many costumers. With flavours similar to the mature plant, but slightly sweeter, these little shoots add flavour as well as beauty to any culinary creation.

They are a brilliant way to elevate any dish and add a light, refreshing flavour. On our website, these are available to purchase in cut punnets. Although, if you’re a wholesale customer, you can also shop these in living trays. Now that’s pretty fresh right?! This allows you to cut the shoots to any sizes that you desire, and they will keep their freshness for a lot longer. How convenient is that?!

Salad & tendril pea shoots Salad & Tendril Pea Shoots

At Nurtured in Norfolk, we supply Salad Pea Shoots and Tendril Pea Shoots all across the country. Both of these shoots produce little green stems, but they have a slightly different appearance to each other and a somewhat controversial taste. Tendril pea shoots offer attractive curling vines­­­ and are often chosen over salad pea shoots for garnishing a plate. This is because they look slightly more stylish and visually appealing. Beautifully presented food is part of the eating out experience, it’s just as important as the taste of the food! However, Salad pea shoots have a sweeter flavour and crisp like texture. Salad pea shoots pair well with aromatics- including ginger, garlic, citrus and vinegar.

In contrast, Tendril pea shoots have a much milder, grassy aroma. They are best cooked similarly to other leafy green vegetables and compliment foods such as carrots, bacon, fish and basil.

The Ultimate Pea... THE KING PEA!

king pea shoots King Pea Shoots

Now, this is a product to watch out for! This masterpiece of a product is just what you’re looking for. With the appearance of a Tendril pea shoot and the taste of a Salad Pea, this product is going to hit the hospitality industry by storm! You now have a product available to you that tastes incredible and elevates any type of culinary dish, what more could anyone ask for? Be sure to keep an eye out on social media platforms and website for more updates on this one of a kind ‘King of peas’.

Culinary Inspiration using our Micr Pea Shoots

Tendril Pea Shoots Tendril Pea Shoot

Now it’s time to give you some inspirational ideas for super tasty dishes that include our Pea Shoots. Let’s start with our Tendril Peas. From omelettes to pasta dishes, Tendril Peas are very versatile. With a flavour just as distinct as their appearance, their bound to be a winner with everyone, whether that’s with customers or friends and family. Tendril Peas pair well with other veggies, like radishes, fava beans and asparagus. As well as aromatics like ginger and garlic. Spinach and potatoes will also be complimented by a Tendril pea shoot garnish.

If using on smaller canapés, Tendril Pea shoots can also be pulled apart and made to look smaller. If you’re a newbie when it comes to using Tendril Peas, we recommend sprinkling a few handfuls on your creamy avocado toast. This adds a perfect crunchy to smooth texture. Or, if you’re showcasing Asian canapés, a Tendril pea shoot looks very attractive and cuts through the spiciness.

Salad Pea Shoot Salad Pea Shoot

Here at Nurtured in Norfolk we refer to Tendril and Salad Pea Shoot as ‘the same but different’. Salad Pea Shoots, have very similar leaves but they just don’t have the stringy tendril. However, they’re equally as robust and crisp.

As the name suggest, Salad Pea Shoots are a great addition to any salad and can be used alone or tossed with other leaves. These hearty and ‘leafy’ shoots will compliment a lemon juice dressing, and any chickpea dishes very well.

And did you know? Our Salad Pea Shoots are super, super fresh! After the short period of time in the germination room it only takes them 10-14 days to be at our full specification size!

Jack Rawlings, Senior Sous Chef at Coutts and MasterChef: The Professionals semi-finalist, gives Nurtured his Tendril Pea Shoot langoustine recipe.


  • White Chicken Stock
  • Garlic Clove
  • Bay Leaf
  • Frozen Peas
  • Fine Sea Salt & Black Pepper
  • Chives (Finely Chopped)
  • Parsley Leaves (Finely Chopped)
  • Chicken Fillets
  • Soy Sauce
  • Shallots (Peeled & Sliced)
Langoustine, Pea Ice Cream, Chargrilled Chorizo and Freekeh Langoustine, Pea Ice Cream, Chargrilled Chorizo and Freekeh


  1. Pea Ice Cream

Chicken Stock, Garlic Clove, Bay Leaf, Frozen Peas, Salt and Pepper to taste

Bring the stock, garlic and bay leaf to a simmer in a saucepan and reduce by half. Pour into a blender with the peas and blend until totally smooth. Pass through a sieve and season with salt and pepper. Cool in a bowl over another bowl of ice, stirring occasionally. When chilled, add to an ice cream machine and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. When ready, transfer to a container and chill in the freezer for 2 hours. Dip a spoon in hot water and scoop out the ice cream to serve 4 portions when ready. This recipe makes more than 4 but keeps for 1 month in the freeze.

2. Freekeh

Freekeh, Vegetable Stock, fresh Peas, Nibbed Almonds, Butter, Chorizo, Vegetable Oil, ChivesParsley, Salt and Pepper

Depending on the type, either soak the freekeh overnight or just rinse before cooking. Place in a medium pan and cover with the vegetable stock. Simmer until tender, then allow to cool to room temperature. Pod the fresh peas and boil in seasoned water for 2 minutes. Refresh in iced water and then remove. Take the skin off the peas and discard. In a frying pan, fry the nibbed almonds in butter until golden. Drain on a tray on kitchen paper. Fry the chorizo in vegetable oil until still a little chewy but not crispy. Mix the cooked freekeh with the peas, almonds, chorizo and chopped herbs. Season with fine salt and black pepper.

3. Soy Chicken Powder

Chicken Fillets, Soy Sauce

Preheat a deep fat fryer to 165°C. Marinate the chicken in the soy sauce in the fridge for 1 hour. Drain, then deep fry the chicken for 10 minutes. Drain, cool, and chop into 2cm pieces. Blend to a powder in a blender.

4. Chorizo Stock

Shallots, Water, Chorizo, Xanthan Gum, Lemon Juice, Salt

Bring the shallots and water to the boil in a saucepan. Reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and remove the froth with a ladle. Simmer for 35 minutes or until the stock tastes sweet. Add the chorizo and simmer for 35 minutes, or until it has reduced to 250ml, skimming constantly with a ladle to remove any froth. Pass through muslin cloth or paper towel and cool to room temperature. Pour into a blender and on the lowest setting add the xanthan gum little by little using a tea strainer, this will thicken the liquid slightly. Pass through a fine sieve. Add the lemon juice and season with salt. Set aside at room temperature.

5. Langoustines

12 Large Fresh Langoustines

Remove the head and the intestinal tract from the langoustine. Blanch in heavily salted simmering water for 3 minutes. Remove and placed in iced water to cool. Remove from the water and peel.

6. To Finish

Tendril Pea Shoots

Spoon 3 small piles of the freaked mix onto each plate, resting a langoustine on top of each pile. Add the warm chorizo halves to 2 piles of freekeh. Sprinkle the soy chicken powder over the top of the plate and spoon the chorizo stock into the gaps. Finally add a spoon of ice cream at the centre of the plate, and finish with the pea shoots.

Fun Fact

Seeding Machine Seeding Machine

When using our machine to plant our living salad peas, our team can put 660 punnets through in no more than 45 minutes. Now that’s about 14 punnets per minute! Pretty quick right!?

Although Tendril Peas and Salad Peas are the classic shoots you think of when someone says ‘pea shoots‘, we do have other shoots available to shop! Including, Sweetcorn ShootsGolden Pea Shoots, and Sunflower Shoots! These are really tasty and also bright in colour. These can be added to dishes like stir-fry’s, salads, soups and stews. They produce a very fresh green pea flavour.

Tendril Pea Shoots in the Glasshouse Tendril Pea Shoots at W.S Bentleys

If you’re a fan of our Tendril and Salad Pea Shoots, or maybe they’re a regular garnish on your menus, whichever it is, be sure to share photos of how you use them! We love to see how our products have been used! You can tag us on social media, or you can drop an email with some photos or videos. And, if you’re using pea shoots this Great British Pea Week, be sure to use the hashtags #GreatBritishPeaWeek and #YesPeas too.

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