Marjoram Bunched Herb

Marjoram Bunched Herb

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Taste: This particular bunched herb has a sweet flavour, which is mixed with hints of pine and citrus. Marjoram doesn’t have as strong of an aroma or flavour as oregano, but is a bit more versatile. Unlike some of our other edible ranges, this herb is actually more potent when dried.

Uses: Marjoram also known as Sweet Marjoram can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. This herb is usually used in small quantities as a garnish or spice. The leaves should be removed from the stem prior to use. This herb is most often associated with flavouring poultry stuffing or sausages. In addition, use this aromatic herb in marinades for either meat, fish, poultry or vegetable preparations. Similarly it pairs well with vegetables and like its Oregano cousin, tomato-based sauces and soups. Furthermore, it compliments other herbs such as thyme, tarragon, parsley and basil. It can also be used to flavour custards, ice cream, pies, tarts and other desserts with fruit; it pairs well with melons, apples, and tropical fruits.

Health Benefits: -

No allergens recognised
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep at Room Tempurature
100g, 50g

Marjoram Bunched Herb


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