Mint Bunched Herb

Mint Bunched Herb

Buy fresh Mint bunched herb from our farm in Norfolk. Let your ideas become your favourite creations and tag us in your images so we know you have stopped by. Did you know? The Latin name for Mint herb is Mentha.

Taste: Mint (Mentha) is grown for its aromatic and flavourful leaves. They impart a fresh clean scent and a strong mint flavour with sweet overtones. And can be said to give the palate a cool undertone to the dishes it's added to. These fresh leaves will have a much more impactful flavour than their dried version.

Uses: This mint bunched herb is used fresh and dried for both sweet and savoury dishes. Infuse syrups or blend into cocktails, yogurt, whipped creams and sorbet. As you'll have seen before in your mojitos, make unique cocktails by adding mint to ice cubes. Use as an aromatic garnish on food and beverages. Its flavour pairs well with citrus, berries, seafood, lamb, melons, peas, beans, summer squash, chocolate and aged sheep's milk cheeses. Most commonly paired with lamb in the form of mint sauce.It also goes with peas, zucchini, fresh beans, marinades for summer vegetables, cold soups, fruit salads, and cheese. Mint is also known for it's use in middle eastern salads.

Health Benefits: -

No allergens recognised
Country Of Origin
United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa
Seasonal Availability
Year Round
Shelf Life
5 Days
Keep at Room Tempurature
50g Bunched, 100g Bunched

Mint Bunched Herb



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