Hibiscus & Rose Sour Cocktail by Lucky Pineapple
25 August 2022

The Ultimate Cocktail & Edible Flowers

One of the questions that we get asked often of is, “What can I actually make using your edible flowers?”. The possibilities to answer this question are endless.

Lots of people often assume that our flowers can only be used for decorative uses on things like wedding cakes, cupcakes, or sweet treats. But no, they can be used for so much more!

A beautiful garnish can also improve the taste profile of the drink. It’s all about the attention to detail, and choosing the right garnish is part of the drinking experience, as we drink with our eyes.


Have you ever wanted to put your mixologist skills to the test and create the ultimate cocktail experience for your friends and family?

Cocktails are something that have been growing in popularity recently and we can see why! They are fun and super versatile. So how can you create the ultimate cocktail at home?

Firstly, the atmosphere must be right. You need to be relaxed, no shouting, no screaming and definitely no grumpiness are allowed in the kitchen! Cocktails are something to be enjoyed after a long, stressful day at work and it’s your time to unwind from the world. So, we’re going to give you a step-to-step guide on how to create the ultimate cocktail experience at home.

Hibiscus & Rose Sour Cocktail by Lucky Pineapple Hibiscus & Rose Sour Cocktail by Lucky Pineapple

The Perfect Cocktail Garnish

Our Edible Flowers are often a popular choice when it comes to elevating a drink, so why not give them a try yourself?

Our range of Fresh Flowers are very versatile and can be used to infuse flavour into drinks and well as give them a bold and unique appearance. Our full range of Flowers consists of much more than just Fresh flowers, you can choose from Pressed Edible Flowers and Edible Dried Flowers.

Our Edible Pressed Flowers are very popular for decoration on cakes and baking creations, but did you know that they also can be the perfect garnish floating atop of cocktails? Our Pressed Pansy Edible Flowers are frequently used to create colour and subtle flavouring in cocktails, they can be left to float atop of a drink and don’t absorb the liquid around them! So you’re still left with a pretty Edible Flower when you’ve finished your drink.

Lavender Pressed Edible Flowers are also great for their decorative appearance as well as infusion. Our Lavender Pressed Flowers can even be used when crushed into a drink, which gives them a stronger flavour and aroma.

Cocktails with Edible Dried Flowers by Drinks Fusion Cocktails with Edible Dried Flowers by Drinks Fusion

Dried Edible Flowers

Our Dried Flowers are super vibrant and colourful and can be used in a variety of different culinary creations. Our Everlasting Dried Edible Flowers are known for their beauty as well as their mild sweet undertones, which can be utilised within a cocktail.

One of our latest additions to our Dried Flower range is our Dried Sunflower Petals, these are perfect for a bright and fun appearance and can even be frozen into ice cubes, wouldn’t that be cool?! (Pardon the pun!). When freezing our Dried Edible Flower petals into ice cubes, be sure to freeze the water in stages, this will avoid the Edible Flowers freezing at the top!

rose edible flower dusting powder Rose Edible Flower Dusting Powder

Herb Dusting Powders

Such a simple and easy way to elevate any drink and it’s often forgotten about is to decorate the outside of the glass too.

Our Herb Infused Dusting Powders are great for decorating around a glass. Try decorating the rim of a glass OR even the outside of the glass and using edible glue. Their vibrant colour is sure to draw everyone in to try! We have a wide range of Infused Herbal Dusting Powders to choose from, whether you want to try a sweeter edible flower infused dust or a slightly more savoury herb seasoning powder, we’ve got you sorted.

Cocktail garnished with Dried Orange Fruit Slices Cocktail garnished with Dried Orange Fruit Slices

Dried Fruit Slices

Our latest range is exactly what you need to decorate your go to cocktail!

Have you seen our Dried Fruit range yet? These are something that we created so that our customers no longer need to go through the long, time consuming process of drying fruit themselves at home. It also enables us to preserve a fruits natural beauty for as long as possible. In our Dried Fruit range, you can choose from; dried lemon slices, dried lime slices, dried kaffir lime slices, dried orange slices and dried blood orange slices! Which one would you try first?

One of the best things about this range is that our Dehydrated Fruit is super versatile. They can be used to infuse their citrusy aroma into hot and cold drinks whilst making a the perfect decoration for a strong garnish game. If you’re wanting to really add something extra to your cocktail creation, why not half coat our dried fruit in a syrup or chocolate and add it onto the side of your afternoon tipple. This adds something unique and delicious – what more could anyone want?

If you want to find out more about our Preserved Fruit range, head over to our recent blog, ‘How to Use Dried Fruit in your Kitchen’.

Big Rock Ice Cube from Ice Club Big Rock Ice Cube from Ice Club

Luxury Clear Ice

Ice Club create incredible, supersized, slow-melting, crystal clear ice cubes. These ice cubes come in all different shapes and sizes and add something unique to any drink. Ice Club supply a whole range of high-end cocktail bars and their bespoke ice cubes are available in three pre-cut sizes including. From ‘Big Rocks’ and ‘Cool Balls’ to ‘High Cubes’ and ‘Ice Blocks’. With each shape offering a different value to every cocktail on your cocktail menu or in the luxury of your home.

Why not try them all by buying their discovery pack.

Ice Clubs range of Ice cubes are a fantastic choice, as they’re slow melting which enables your cocktails to stay as cool as possible for as long as possible. This means that your drink doesn’t dilute and stays as concentrated as you like.

Toffee Paradise Cocktail

  • Ditchling Fling Toffee Vodka (50ml)
  • Champagne (Alternatively you can use Prosecco, sparkling water, or nothing at all)
  • Clear Ice Cube (Big Rock by Ice Club)
  • Classic Ice Cubes (Shaking)
  • Fresh Edible Flowers (Nurtured in Norfolk)
  • Coupe Glass (Lyon Champagne Saucer by Sipped Ltd)
Toffee Paradise Cocktail served with a Abutilon Edible Flower Toffee Paradise Cocktail served with a Abutilon Edible Flower


  • Place one Big Rock into a cocktail glass and wait until the freezer frost disappears to prevent internal cracking of the ice cube
  • Add 50ml of Ditchling Fling Toffee Vodka into a cocktail shaker with a handful of classic ice cubes
  • Shake well and pour over the Big Rock in a Lyon Champagne Saucer
  • Top with champagne, prosecco, or sparkling water
  • Garnish with a fresh edible flower
  • Serve and enjoy it ice cold from the first sip to the last!

No matter the season, Fling makes us think of moments of pure indulgence. And that’s exactly the mood Ice Club wanted to create for their Toffee Paradise Cocktail.

How delicious does that sound?! If you’re thinking about making some cocktails or using this recipe, then we’d love to see the end result!

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