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15 August 2022
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How To Use Dried Fruit In Your Kitchen

Have you guys heard about our new product yet? If you haven’t been lucky enough to hear about it or see it yet, we’ll give you some clues as to what it could be!

Our new range is sweet, vibrant in colour, citrusy flavours and a multitude of uses! Have you guessed what it could be yet? You must have! Yes…it’s our Dried Fruit range!

What do you eat with dried fruit?

Dried Fruit is something a little bit different to our usual products, but we love coming up with new produce for you all! We now have a selection of dried fruits available to shop online or with your nearest wholesaler, from dried lemons and limes to dried oranges and grapefruit (coming soon), there is plenty of options to choose from! We came up with the idea of Preserved Fruit slices as one of our main aims to try our hardest to prevent food waste, and this also enables us to preserve a fruits natural beauty and aroma for as long as possible, what more could we want?!

Dried Fruit slices are often something that appears during the Christmas festivities when making decorations like wreaths, gifts and arrangements. However, they can be used for so much more! Follow below with our top 3 ways that you can use our Dried fruit in your kitchen.

Iced Cocktail with Dried Orange & Lemons Iced Cocktail with Dried Orange & Lemon Slices

You don't need fresh fruit to make a delicious recipe!


Cocktails are popular no matter what time of year it is, and our Dried Fruit is just what you need to elevate their flavour and appearance. Our Preserved Fruit can be placed onto the rim of the glass or floating atop of the drink to elevate your garnish game. Dehydrated citrus fruits not only adds beauty to the glass effortlessly, but provides more control. Benjamin Rouse from Liquor.com says “When you use a fresh garnish in a cocktail, the juice from the fruit slowly dilutes the flavour as it was initially made“. So if you’re looking to impress your guests with your mixologist attention to details, we’ve got exactly what you need.

This can also be done with other beverages like punch, gins and mocktails. If you’re searching for other ways to make your cocktails stand out from the crowd, our dusting powders could definitely be of assistance. These are frequently used around the rim of a cocktail glass to add colour and flavour. Our dusting powders can also be mixed with sugar, to create a super sweet, herb-infused dust for cocktail decorating.

Lemonade infused with Dried Lemon Slices Lemonade Infused with Dried Lemon Slices

What’s your favourite drink to start the day with?

Fruit Infusion

Have you ever wondered how you can switch up your morning tea or coffee routine? Why not try our citrus flavoured dehydrated fruit to infuse sweetness into an array of hot and cold drinks or even to make tea from scratch?!

This can also be repeated in other drinks such as hot milk, hot chocolates, cordial and many more. During the infusion process, our Dried Fruits have a natural sweetness that is released, meaning that the infused drinks will have a natural sweet flavour to them. This is a great idea to include in drinks for kids, as it’s fun, tasty and something exciting for them to try.

Why not put a unique spin on the traditional, British Lemonade. It’s quick and easy to make, and gives you a delicious tipple to drink in the sun. Our preserved Lemons have a very intense and powerful flavour and aroma! Adding a few of these slices to your freshly made lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to your relaxing and stress free day.

Not only can this be a drank throughout the day, but it is also a great alternative to sugary drinks. It’s very sweet and can help towards satisfying those sugar cravings that we cannot ignore!

Dried oranges dipped into chocolate Dried Orange Slices Dipped into Chocolate

Delicious Desserts


Surprise your family and friends this summer with a variety of sweet treats. Dig around in the cupboard under the stairs and dust off your chocolate fountain for this quick and easy nibble. Dipping our Dried Fruit into melted white, dark or milk chocolate is a super special treat and can be fun for everyone. This works really well with our Dried Oranges and Dried Blood Oranges! The choice of dipping chocolate is completely up to you, whether you’re Lindt lover or a Galaxy Gobbler – anything will taste top tip! This is perfect for a quick and easy dessert and lots of fun for the kids to get involved in and make their own.

Now let's talk about our Dried Limes

dried lime slices Dried Kaffir Lime Fruit Slices

Fresh limes are well known to compliment seafood dishes, salads and the flavouring of other citrus fruits. So, if you’re looking to make these types of dishes naturally sweeter, our Dried Limes are what you need!

Learn Easy Earth explain that “dried fruit tastes extra sweet because dehydrating concentrates sugar while removing water vapour”. The natural sweetness works well when trying to create a bitter-sweet flavour in culinary dishes. For example, Our Preserved Limes would be perfect for things like Lemon and Lime cheesecake, lime infused chocolate mousse, crumbles, sauces, and marinades. These can also be used as a garnish on any type of innovative recipe.

Our range Dehydrated Fruit is sure to make your creations stand out from the crowd.

Edible Kaffir Lime Leaves Edible Kaffir Lime Leaves

Have you ever tried our Kaffir Limes Leaves?

Our Kaffir Lime edible leaves are grown in our greenhouse at the heart of Norfolk, and they are very rich in citrus flavours. These can be used raw, boiled or steamed and are quite often used in Southeast Asian dishes like curries, stir-fries, fried rice and pastes. Their citrusy fragrance compliments many other herbs such as Basil, Cardamom, Curry Leaves and Mint. But what have they got to do with our new Dried Fruit range? We’ll tell you… Kaffir Limes grow on the same plant as the edible leaves and they both have a very similar fragrance and taste. They are both typically used for infusing flavour and colour into dishes and drinks, however we have created Dried Kaffir Lime Slices and these can be used for a multitude of different things.

If you’re looking for the perfect quick and tasty snack, try dipping our Preserved Kaffir Limes into syrups and chocolate and leave to set in the fridge. If you’re a lemon sherbet lover, then maybe try infusing our Dried Kaffir Limes into sherbet?! Its something a little bit different and might even be tastier than lemon sherbet!

Calling all cake makers and baking fans!

All of our Dried Fruits can predominately be used for similar things and something that they can all be used for is Cake Decorating. Cake decorations have become super popular lately, it’s no longer just sprinkles and plastic toppers that get used to decorate cakes nowadays! From Fresh Edible Flowers to Dried Edible Flowers and Pressed Edible Flowers, we now have dried fruit. Here at Nurtured in Norfolk, we offer an array of choice when it comes to decorating your baking masterpieces!

Dried Fruit offers vibrant colours and something unique, as well as a citrus flavouring, which would really uplift recipes such as fruit cakes, lemon drizzle and orange cakes. The great thing about decorating cakes with dried fruit slices is that they hold their colour  and flavour really well, the possibilities are endless with our NEW range.

Introducing Dried Oranges

dried orange slices Dried Orange Fruit Slices

Dried Oranges have such a powerful flavour and they can fill up a room with their uplifting aroma. Believe it or not, Preserved Oranges can be added to chocolate moulds and made into your own spin to a classic, chocolate orange bar. Doesn’t that sound delicious? They can be broken up into smaller pieces or used whole to add a crunchy texture to your chocolate orange that will have everyone begging for more. Try adding these to sharing platers, snack bags for kids and even our Friday special, ‘picky dinners’.

What’s even better is that this process can be completed with any of our citrus fruits and any flavoured chocolate. Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, so you might be the person to create a new flavour that turns out to be a new family favourite!

Breakfast Inspiration

Finally, what do you like to have for your breakfast? Porridge? Toast? Cereal? Why not elevate your Monday-Friday overnight oats and add our Dried Fruit into your shopping basket!

Our Dehydrated Fruit can be used whole or broken up into smaller pieces. Pairing really well with breakfasts such as, granola, muesli, porridge and lots more! Adding dried fruit into nutty and fibre filled cereals will add more flavour and texture and you’ll definitely be going back for seconds at the breakfast bar.

We love to see the creations that you guys have been coming up with, using our products. So be sure to tag us on Instagram or even pop us a message or email at info@nurturedinnorfolk.co.uk to let us know what you’ve been creating.