Multiple powder dusts in a line
1 April 2022

Unique Herb Dusting Powders You Need To Try

What are Dusting Powders and how do you use them?

Dusting powders are an easy way to add flavour to your dishes, with very little effort. In order for you to understand how to use them, you need to know what they are! Our dusting powders are 100% natural with no added preservatives, we take the dried herb and grind it to form a dust; this makes it quicker and easier for you to use as chefs, home bakers and mixologists. It may be overwhelming at first to know that our range has 15 different flavours BUT to make it simpler for you, we’ve picked out the top 5 most unique dusting powders you should try.

Apple Marigold Powder with Marigold leaves Apple Marigold Dusting Powder

Apple Marigold Dusting Powder

Apple Marigold Dusting Powder is predominantly used for desserts, juices and cocktails. It’s a green dust that has a cooler, refreshing taste compared to the others. Similar to the taste of apples, it has a mild zesty and minty undertone to it. This is a perfect dust for mixologists, it can be used to enhance flavour, add colour and decoration. Dip the rim of your glass in the dust for character or mix into an apple mojito to compliment the zing of the lime. If you’d rather use it in dishes, create a jelly or jam with the dust. Let your imagination go wild with your culinary creations, the possibilities are endless with our Dusting Powders!

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Rose Dust surrounded by Rose petals Rose Dusting Powder

Rose Dusting Powder

Rose Dusting Powder is a vibrant purple dust that can be used in drinks, dishes and desserts. It has a light Rose flavour, mild with sweet undertones, which is why it works best with desserts and drinks. However, it can be also used in main dishes. Use this dust to make a Rose Harissa paste, then pair with fish or chicken. Rose dust works very well with hot and spicy dishes, due to the sweet undertones of the Rose balancing out the heat from the chillis. For cocktails and drinks, dip the rim of your glass in a spirit or liquid of your choice, then dip into the dust to create a rim of colour around your cocktails. 

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Lemon Verbena Powder with Verbena leaves Lemon Verbena Dusting Powder

Lemon Verbena Dusting Powder

Lemon Verbena Dusting Powder is a MUST if you’re creating any lemon based desserts like lemon meringue, cheesecake or drizzle. Alternatively, when your recipes use lemon, lemon peel or lemon juice, you can use the dust in replacement or combine for extra flavour! In a similar way, it can be used in biscuits or shortbread for a unique zesty flavour or try mixing into creams, butters or ice cream. In addition, lemon pairs very well with chicken, so use this dust to make a marinade or seasoning for your lemon chicken dishes.. who needs Nando’s? 

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Calendula Dust surrounded by Calendula petals Calendula Dusting Powder

Calendula Dusting Powder

Much like the Rose Dust, Calendula can be used as a colouring due to its vibrant yellow and orange hues. Initially sweet, Calendula has mild nutmeg undertones that creates a bittersweet taste. This makes it a perfect dressing for salads and soups. Most commonly used for herbal tea, this dust makes it so much easier.. steeping Calendula can be time consuming, stir the dust into hot water for a quick and easy herbal tea. On the other hand, Calendula is a popular oil, try sprinkling some dust into olive oil and use for cooking. 

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Mint Powder Dust with fresh Peppermint Peppermint Dusting Powder

Peppermint Dusting Powder

The most versatile dust of them all, Peppermint Dusting Powder can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. This Peppermint powder is very strong in flavour and aroma, due to its intense menthol ingredient. A few suggestions on where to use this herb powder to enhance flavour would be within poultry dishes, salads, ice cream, herbal teas and cocktails. Secondly, Mint pairs very well with desserts, especially those with chocolate or vanilla in them. Therefore, try sprinkling some of this dust in your brownie mix, to give a refreshing coolness to your dish.

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