5 December 2023

Christmas Baking With Edible Flowers

Dried Orange Slices

The much-loved festive season is fast approaching and we’re here to help your culinary creations sparkle this Christmas.

Read on to find out what products we have to offer this festive period!


Christmas Dried Fruit Dried Orange Slices

Christmas 2023

We love to create seasonal products for our customers to experiment with, and this December we’ve created some beautiful edible flower mixes for you to choose from.

From fresh, pressed, and dried edible flower mixes to a selection of delicious bunched herbs…we’ve got you sorted this Christmas!

Christmas Edible Flower Wheel Christmas Edible Flower Selection Wheel

Christmas Fresh Edible Flower & Leaf Wheel

This is the ultimate way to decorate any themed culinary creation. Our festive fresh edible flower mix contains a selection of 7 different varieties of merry coloured edible flowers which can be used in a multitude of different ways. Whether that’s decorating celebration cakes or garnishing grazing tables at Christmas events…our edible flowers are sure to have everyone returning for a second helping!

Our Christmas flower wheel contains various sized flowers, which can be utilised when decorating large and small dishes. The petals can be pulled apart from the larger flowers and used to decorate things like cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Alternatively, the petals can be used similarly to ‘confetti’ and sprinkled atop of sweet treats. For example, the white petals in this mix could be used to replicate snow on any seasonal bake – how amazing would that look?! The possibilities are endless with our festive edible flower wheel, and we love seeing what our customers can create using it.

If you’re a cocktail lover and feel like it’s not officially Christmas Day until you’ve had your mid-morning beverage, then our seasonal wheel is here to put a unique spin on your typical concoction this year. Not only do our edible flowers create a visually appealing design, but they can also be used to add flavour. Each fresh flower has a unique flavour palette that will have everyone gathering around your mixologist table wanting to try some.


Our December Mix Of The Month

Decembers’ Pressed Edible Flowers and Leaf Mix For Cakes

This pressed edible flower and leaf assortment will elevate your merry cupcakes and blissful brownies effortlessly with its beauty. Our pressed mix contains peruvian marigold leaves, mini daisies, mint flowers, violas, paradise & Bougainvillea. We ensured that this mix contains lots of merry colours to get everyone into the festive spirit.

However, this flower mix isn’t just for sweet treats! It can be used to garnish main courses, picky food, and lots more. These edible flowers can even be frozen into ice cubes…now that’s something that will impress your guests! Our pressed edible flowers have a much subtler taste than their fresh counterpart, so if you’re looking for a decoration that won’t alter the flavour of your dish – this mix is for you!


Cake Decorated WIth Dehyrated Orange Slices Cake Created by @bakedbycorri On Instagram

Dried Fruit

 Dried fruit is very popular during the festive season, and we can see why! It adds a pop of colour to any culinary creation, as well as infuse its gorgeous citrusy fragrance. Our dehydrated fruit range can be scattered across the dinner table to fill the room with its powerful, sweet-smelling aroma…this is sure to impress your guests before they’ve even tried your delectable food!

One of our most popular products from this range is our dried oranges. These can be used for infusion in drinks, such as tea and sparkling water. Dehydrated oranges can also be utilised as decoration around the home too, whether that’s as a tree decoration or in hanging ordainments. A typical use for dried oranges is as a garnish; they add a stunning touch to grazing platters, festive desserts, and cocktails.

Dried limes are also part of our Christmas range. They have a unique taste and have a very intense aroma too. They compliment seafood dishes which makes them the ultimate addition to any fish inspired starter during the festivities.

Dried Christmas Grapefruit Dried Grapefruit Slices

Another dehydrated fruit that can enhance your Christmas culinary creations is our dried lemons. These are a beautiful addition to any sweet treat. Dehydrated lemons can also be eaten as a snack or used to infuse flavour into lemonade.

Lastly, our latest addition to this range is our dried grapefruit slices. This dehydrated fruit holds it colour and infusing their citrusy flavour into cocktails is a game changer! If you want to make your own citrus sugar, then this delicious fruit is just what you need! It’s bitter-sweet flavour enhances sugar, which can then be sprinkled atop of dishes and cocktails too.

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Sage Sage Herb


We have a selection of flavoursome bunched herbs that can be used in your merry dishes. One of our most popular Christmas herbs is Sage, this savoury herb is frequently used in an array of traditional dishes with fatty meats like pork and beef. Sage is often a go-to ingredient when making everyone’s all-time favourite part of a Roast dinner… stuffing! Due to the fact that it’s packed full of delicious flavours that can elevate any main course! Sage also pairs well with soft cheeses too, so if you’re making a cheese board, this herb has got all the flavours that you need.

Another must-have bunched herb this Christmas is our bunched Parsley. Parsley is well known for its super fresh flavour with hints of pepper too. This herb is often used in seafood dishes, so if you’re creating any fish dishes this December, give our bunched parsley a try! Parsley can also be pureed into sauces, pesto’s, and dips too.

Rosemary Herb

Thyme is another one of our popular herbs. It’s great for seasoning and pairs well with red meat, poultry, and salmon too. Thyme herb can be used to flavour roast potatoes, where its powerful flavour can really shine through. Thyme is often incorporated into sweet treats too, including syrups, ice cream, and biscuits.

Rosemary is also one our popular Christmassy herbs. This is a classic festive herb and should be used sparingly. The most common use for this herb is in seasoning meats such as pork, lamb, turkey, and chicken.

Similarly to most of our bunched herbs, thyme can also be used in sweet treats such as, honey, jams, and sugar.

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Baby Orange Carrots

Baby Vegetables

 If you’d like to make your joyful dishes stand out this December, then why not give our baby vegetables a try? Baby vegetables are very unique and they’re sure to draw your guests in!

 Baby Orange Carrots

Baby Orange Carrots are an extremely versatile vegetable. They can be used in both raw and cooked culinary applications. Try roasting, sautéing and boiling to enhance the baby carrots’ sweet flavour. Even though they are small in size, they offer a strong and sweet taste with subtle herbaceous notes. Our baby carrots pair well with other vegetables and fresh bunched herbs, such as tarragon, thyme, coriander and parsley…perfect for a roast dinner.

Baby Leeks

Baby Leeks

This baby vegetable is consistently tender, with a much sweeter flavour than the mature plant can offer. Either roast, blanch or grill with olive oil or butter to impart a rich onion smokiness. Furthermore, baby leeks pair well with cream sauces, cheese, bread and other baby vegetables. Why not try incorporating our baby leeks into a delicious cauliflower cheese? How delicious does that sound?!

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Herb Oils

Finally, if you’re tired of spending hours making your own infused herb oils for Christmas every year, then why give our herb oils a try? We have over 10 different flavours to choose from, and you can decide what flavour would work best with your dish. Our herb oils take a little bit of the stress out of creating a dish for the family and they taste delicious too. We have lots of festive flavours to choose from such as parsley oil, lemon verbena oil, basil oil and much more!

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