Buy Pressed Edible Leaves Online

Pressed edible leaves are one of the most popular cake decorations to use on wedding and celebration cakes this year. Each edible leaf is hand pressed and packed to take the time and hassle out of pressing leaves yourself. Add a unique twist to your cakes and bakes, grazing platters and desserts with our vast range of pressed edible leaves. Shop our full range of pressed edible leaves direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • Lots of our customers press their own edible leaves, but with our new range, we’re doing the hard work, so you don’t have to.

    Our range of pressed edible leaves can be used on a multitude of sweet treats, drinks, cake decoration and desserts. In addition, add a natural look to your bakes with pressed leaves, a style that happens to be trending at the moment. Pressed edible leaves such as Pineapple and Lemon Verbena, can also be steeped into teas to give them a fruity taste and aroma. In addition, any left-over edible leaves from your culinary creations work well in potpourri for an added citrus fragrance.