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Shop the most common fresh Thai herbs used in asian cooking, such as Banana Leaves, Thai Holy Basil and Thai Water Morning Glory. We grow and supply fresh Thai herbs that are available for all your cooking needs. Shop our full range of Asian fresh herbs direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
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  • Fresh Thai Herbs have landed, and we couldn’t be more excited!

    At Nurtured in Norfolk, we keep on top of food trends, and like to keep our ranges fresh and current. Most recently, we’ve introduced our Thai Range. Although, if you’ve not spotted any of the goodies in our new Thai herb range before, and don’t know where to start, fear not! Check out each product for their culinary uses and flavour profile.

  • Chinese Chive Flowers may be the most versatile of our Thai range. They can be chopped up and tossed through salads. This adds pungent garlic flavours and pops of white edible flowers. These little flowers may also be snipped off the top of the chives and sprinkled on soups. Chinese Chive Flowers can also be chopped and used to flavour butters.

    Morning Glory bunched herbs can be used in a variety of Asian stir fries. Head to our Morning Glory Thai Herb Stir Fry Recipe to follow a 4-step flavoursome Thai stir fry from @char_cuterieboards. Or why not give Morning Glory a go in Thai curries.

    Traditionally, Banana Leaves have been used as a food wrap. They can be used to wrap marinated meats and fish, or sticky rice. Using the leaves to wrap the food locks in the flavours. When the leaves are heated, they also emit a lovely sweet flavour and possess a glossy green colour. Furthermore, the leaves can be used as a plate garnish. Try lining a wooden sushi board with a banana leaf before decorating the platter with the fresh sushi.

    Similar to our Banana Leaves, Yanang Leaves are also used slightly differently, compared with our other Fresh Thai Herbs. The Thai Cookbook notes Yanang Leaves do not tend to be used whole. Instead, an extract is commonly made from the leaves. This extract is then used to flavour broths and soups, or as a thickening agent.