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Our Herb Oils are made with Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, pressed in Norfolk. Packed full of our best quality herbs to take the time and hassle out of making a Herb Oil yourself. Packaged in an easy to use bottle that allows you to drizzle, dress and decorate your dishes. Filtered for optimum clarity our delicious Herb Oil range lets you add depth of flavour to your dishes with extreme ease. Shop our full range of Herb Infused Oils direct from Nurtured in Norfolk.
More Information
  • Our fresh bunched herbs are naturally infused with Norfolk rapeseed oil for an intense flavour, it is an easy way to add uplifting notes to a whole variety of dishes including pasta, pizzas, grains and salads. Or add a few drops of our herb infused oils for a unique twist on a traditional cocktail.

    Use Nurtured in Norfolk’s herb oils to decorate dishes, starters, mains or desserts.

  • Herb infused oils are the perfect addition to add layers of flavours to a dish. For example, Lovage herb oil is used to enhance flavours of celery into a variety of recipes and Nasturtium edible leaves have a peppery flavour, which creates a herb oil best suited for savoury dishes.

    Suitable for cooking at low to medium temperatures the possibilities with herb oils are endless, with a drizzle here and a salad dressing there. A combination of your imagination and our selection of herb oils will unlock a world of flavour.