25 March 2022

Edible Flowers For The Ultimate Breakfast

Breakfast platter with dried flowers

Wondering how to create that Instagram worthy breakfast? Here is some product inspiration to help you put your own spin on breakfast in bed. Check out this beautiful breakfast platter presented by Sophie Hadaway on Instagram!

Ready for International Waffle Day tomorrow, we’ve rounded up our best Edible Flowers and put a list together on how you can use them. Whether they’re being used as a garnish, for tea, for bakes or cordial, our edible flowers work well at breakfast!

Edible pressed Lavender shoots Pressed Edible Lavender Flowers

Pressed Edible Flowers

Although they have limited flavours due to the process of drying and pressing, this makes them good for decorating as they won’t alter the taste of any of your cakes or bakes. Therefore, they are usually used as a decoration rather than a garnish or flavouring. If you’re unsure how you can incorporate them into your breakfast, here are some ideas.

  • Flapjack – Oats are a staple in the mornings, those slow energy burners can be made enjoyable with our Pressed Edible Flowers. Push some Pansies into freshly baked flapjack to give it an incredible finish.
  • Muffins – I know we said breakfast, but you can have muffins for breakfast right? Blueberry? Banana and oats? Our Pressed Flowers would make a beautiful topper on your breakfast muffins. Try the Mini Daisies for a pop of colour!
  • Drinks – Pressed Lavender still holds its flavour unlike a lot of pressed flowers. This flower is your best bet at adding flavour and decoration to your sparkling water, fruit drinks and even steeped in hot water to make a herbal lavender tea.
Dried Edible Blue Cornflowers Dried Edible Cornflowers

Dried Edible Flowers

There are so many things you can do with dried flowers but here are a few to give you a place to start and to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Herbal Teas – dried Calendula, Lavender, Tagete or Cornflowers can be steeped in hot or cold water to create a herbal, refreshing tea. Calendula is very popular for this, due to its mild honey and warm spiced flavours. Not only will the tea you serve taste good, it will look good too. Leaving the dried flowers in the water will create colour and aesthetic. Therefore, we suggest steeping your dried flowers in hot water and serving in a clear glass mug so its beauty can be seen.
  • Oats – sprinkle our dried mix on top of your overnight oats. First of all, by doing so you give your oats colour but you’re also adding crunch. What better way to make a boring breakfast interesting! Similarly, the same effect can be achieved when using fresh flowers!
Mimulus edible flowers Fresh Edible Mimulus

Fresh Edible Flowers

First of all, fresh flowers are stronger in colour and flavour than their dried counterpart. If you want your cordial to pack some punch or your pancakes to look top notch, fresh flowers are your best bet at doing that.

  • Garnishes – More often than not, fresh flowers are used as a garnish. Try sprinkling a handful of Violas, Mimulus, Tagetes or Pansies over your waffles, pancakes or pastries to give them a pretty finish.
  • Cordials/Fruit juices – Infuse your drinks with fresh flowers like Paradise flowers, Tagetes or Fuchsias, to give refreshing notes of citrus. Furthermore, you could put a few fresh flowers in an ice tray to create beautiful ice cubes everyone will be impressed by.
  • Breads – After your bread comes out of the oven, create a beautiful flower arrangement using edible flowers like Bellis Daisies, Lavender or Fennel. Gently press them into freshly baked bread, this way the heat will allow the flowers to stick.
  • Waffles and pancakes – What better way to present waffles? Place a few Violas, Pansies or Snapdragons over your syrup drizzled pancakes for the best presentation.