planting edible flowers in natural soil
30 August 2022
Horticulture Hacks

Growing Edible Flowers at Home

Have you ever wanted to grow your own Edible Flowers at home? If so, then this is the perfect read for you! Our head grower, Martyn, is a gardening expert and loves to help everyone fulfil their horticultural potential.

We often receive queries from customers on ‘what makes our flowers edible’ and ‘how can I grow my own edible flowers?’ Well it’s much easier than you think! Edible Flowers are becoming more and more popular now, and they are a great addition to so many dishes.

Dear Martyn,

Could you please give me some help with planning my new allotment? Having been on the waiting list for five years, I have finally got my own allotment. After sharing with friends I have built up some growing skills, but I would like to experiment with growing edible flowers. I am considering drying the flowers although some I would like to use fresh during the summer. I know Nasturtium Flowers are a good staple for brightening up salads but then I am not sure what else to include.

K. Pearce, Norwich.

pansy and viola edible flowers Viola & Pansy Edible Flower

Dear Reader,

Our Edible Flowers are a great way to add colour, flavour and texture to any culinary creations. As well as drinks, marinades and sauces. A wide range of annuals and perennial Edible Flowers can be grown in the garden at home. Although it is important to accurately identify the flowers and if you are in doubt, don’t eat them. Some Edible Flowers can be easily mistaken for inedible flowers or even poisonous ones – so be sure to check them thoroughly!

If you’re looking for the most flavourful and bright coloured Edible Flower, pick them in the morning! This stops the sun dulling the flowers before you get the chance to use them. Not only will the Edible Flower elevate any dish with its beauty, but it will also be bursting full of flavour.

For the best results, use the Edible Flowers immediately after they’re picked or refrigerate them! This is very important, as it stops the flowers from wilting and turning dull in colour. If you want to try freezing your flowers, they can be also be infused and even frozen into ice cubes. Perfect for summer drinks and cocktails – YUM!

Paradise Edible Flowers Paradise Edible Flowers (Abutilon)

The flowers can be used whole, or the petals can be used individually if you’re looking to make smaller creations. Using the petals from larger flowers like Hollyhocks, Roses, Lilies and Paradise Edible Flowers (Abutilon/Hibiscus) can be beneficial as they have much larger petals which can fill a larger area. Edible Flowers are a great way to enhance cakes, desserts, drinks and many other baking creations. They add a unique twist, and are easy to grow! What’s better than a home-made cake decorated with home-grown Edible Flowers?! I’d advise you to remove the ’heel’ of the flowers before eating them as this doesn’t have an intense flavour unlike the rest of the flower.

Mint Herb Oil, Chive Herb Oil, Dill Herb Oil Mint, Chive & Dill Herb Infused Oil

Home-grown flowers that are free from pesticides and kept out of the way from pets are best to use. Lots of flowers that are grown at garden centres are often not edible and could contain harmful chemicals, so unless the are labelled ‘suitable for culinary use’, they are best not to use. However if you’re growing edible flowers at home, you can ensure that no pesticides are used and that they are safe for consumption.

This process is similar to growing your own vegetable patch. These often include herb flowers such as Basil, Chives, Mint, Rosemary and many more. These herb flowers are great for infusing flavour into dishes and also using as a decoration. Edible Flowers and Herbs are often used alongside each other as they complement each other’s flavours and appearance.

What Type Of Edible Flowers Can You Use?

There is a whole variety of edible flowers that come in an array of shapes, sizes and flavours. Here are some ideas of Flowers that you can grow at home and what they taste like!

Blue Borage Edible Flowers

Blue Borage Edible Flowers

These are a very beautiful, delicate flower with a bright blue colour. They have a similar flavour to cucumber and are often used to elevate cakes and even salad dishes. Alternatively, these can be frozen into ice cubes or crystallised. The flower is easy to remove from the plant and they grow very quickly.

Bunched Dill Herb Bunched Dill Herb

Bunched Dill

Fresh Dill has a strong aniseed flavour and is an ideal addition to salads, vegetables and fish dishes. These Edible Flowers are often added to mayonnaise, white sauce and pickles.

Edible flowers Wild Garlic Edible Flowers

Wild Garlic Edible Flowers

Wild Garlic is a very popular flowers that has an extremely strong garlic aroma but a much mellower taste than conventional garlic. These pretty flowers are well known to compliment meat dishes and vegetables, making them the perfect addition for hearty, warm meals!

Courgette Edible Flowers Courgette Edible Flowers (The

Courgette Edible Flowers

These can be eaten hot or cold, and compliment tomato dishes very well. If you fancied a cold dinner, these can be stuffed full with things like cooked rice, cheese, nuts or meat.

Fennel Edible Flowers Fennel Edible Flowers

Fennel Edible Flowers

All parts of this flower are edible and enhance dishes that include salmon, pâté and salad. These are extremely popular due to their bright colour and can even be used to garnish desserts. These edible flowers have a decorative appearance and a subtle flavour.

Mint Edible Flowers Mint Edible Flowers

Mint Edible Flowers

There is so many different varieties and flavours of mint that you can try. Whether you want to try Apple Mint, Pineapple Mint, Ginger Mint, Peppermint or Spearmint flowers, they can all be grown at home! Mint is often used to infuse vinegar and butter for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Things to take into consideration...

  1. Avoid old, faded or dusty flowers from roadsides and areas frequented by livestock or dog walkers. It’s much safer to consume edible flowers that are grown under your supervision
  2. Beware of bees and remove small insects! These can often be lurking inside the flowers, so be sure to give them a shake to encourage bigger insects to leave. It also a good idea to wash your flower in cold water, just like you’d do with fruit that is brought from the supermarket
  3. If you’re susceptible to allergies, especially pollen, you should not eat flowers
  4. Insects and diseases are best dealt with by cutting back and encouraging regrowth as no pesticides are specifically approved for use by home gardeners on edible flowers

Edible Flowers are a great and environmentally friendly ingredient to incorporate into your meals and your baking. There is a super wide variety of Edible Flowers and Leaves that can be used and grown in your garden or greenhouse! If you’d rather, some Edible Flowers can even be grown on your windowsill in your kitchen!

If you have any questions or queries on growing your own Edible Flowers at home, contact our head grower He is always happy to answer any horticultural related question as best as he can!

Martyn Davey – Head Grower
EDP Gardening Expert Columnist